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Mercedes SplitStar

The SplitStar range combines the JetStar’s comfort and practicality with the CrewStar’s versatility.

From the very first moment you step on board a Mercedes SplitStar, there is an instant spacious, luxurious feel that along with spacious load space. Bespoke craftsmanship offers an individual first class interior that complements the SplitStar’s opulent furnishings.

Premium leather upholstery gives you the first class feel that is paramount in first class transportations.

State of art, yet, user friendly entertainment and media systems are optional in the SplitStar offering wireless internet access through our on board superior computer systems, along with a full touch screen media libraries.
High tech mobile office amenities include full windows software and an integrated office station with printing facilities.

With discretion on the outside, and a wealth of practicality and luxury on the inside, is it any wonder why the SplitStar is our best selling vehicle within the entertainment industry.

Mercedes SplitStar Van Specification

  • Available in various size, floorplan and colour variants
  • Available in 5, 6,7,8, or 9 seat options
  • Cloth or Leather Interior Package
  • TV and Games Consol Package
  • Tinted Cabin Side Glass
  • Security Package
  • 3 Seat Cab

Other Options

  • Additional Television and Media Upgrade Package
  • Premium Leather Upgrade
  • Overnight Sleeper Compartment
  • Alloy Wheel Upgrade
  • Climate Control
  • Touch screen Media System
  • Mobile Office Facilities
  • Hand stitched Premium Leather Interior
  • Full Climate Control
  • Driver Cabin Upgrade
  • 3 internet access